artist BIO

Anthony Macbain is a Creative Director, Illustrator, Concept Artist and Educator who specializes in Visual Development. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Over a decade of experience in the video game/entertainment industry. As Director of Illustration at Rockstar Games, Macbain created the iconic artwork associated with Grand Theft Auto V, one of the biggest selling pieces of entertainment media in history. He led the art team in defining the key marketing art for numerous game franchises and created character concept designs for player avatars as well as animated cartoons.

Most recently Anthony Macbain has co-founded a creative studio with long time collaborator Roxie Vizcarra called Anthrox Studio. Together, Anthony and Roxie have branded nearly every single game in Rockstar’s catalog from 2004 to 2019. Now they aim to broaden their creativity and originality as independent contractors possessing a network of top tier creatives ready to tackle any project and deliver the highest quality of artistic work and creative direction found in the industry.

Resume upon request.