artist BIO

Anthony Macbain was Director of Illustration from 2012-2017 at triple-A video game company, Rockstar Games.  Over a 13 year career with the company, he created high profile marketing illustrations and key art for nearly every IP Rockstar released, including Grand Theft Auto V, which would become the biggest selling video game of all time.  As Director and Artist, he led a team of illustrators, developing unique and compelling art styles for multiple IP's, reinventing his technique with each title.  He has lent his skills not just to the covers and advertising for these games but also as concept artist, designing the look of some of Rockstar's most memorable characters.  Style is a puzzle that needs to be solved with each project, be it a mature photo-realistic execution or whimsical graphic characters for an animated cartoon.
Anthony lives in Brooklyn, NY


- Painting and drawing in traditional and digital media, color, lighting, perspective, anatomy
- Art style exploration and visual development for major world-wide advertising campaigns
- Concept art for character design, environment design, costume/fashion design, vehicle and weaponry design for video games, television, film
- Photography for the purpose of creating photo reference for illustrations; cameras, lighting, costume, working with actors, stylists, casting, etc.
- Deep understanding of Adobe Photoshop for creation of illustrations for web and print
- Manipulation of 3D assets with Marmoset, Zbrush

- Team building, sourcing and hiring talent from junior level to world-renowned artists, and putting those artists' best skills to use as part of a team
- Project coordination, assessing and meeting deadlines, delegating work, presentation of completed assets to clients